The most important positions of the GSoA are summarized here. More information on the GSoA’s position can be found in our media releases and other publications on this website in German and French.

Abolish the army!

War does not solve problems, on the contrary: it brings suffering to the uninvolved civilian population and to the soldiers who are sent to war by the powerful of this world. Military interventions do not create long-term foundations for peaceful coexistence. For in the final analysis, conflicts can only be solved by political means. Those who are against war must already prevent its preparation. That is why we want to abolish the army.

Against the military logic

The GSoA consistently stands against the military logic that turns the political opponent into the enemy. Instead, we advocate the non-violent resolution of conflicts. We see ourselves as part of the worldwide movement against war and oppression and for global justice. We are in solidarity with all conscientious objectors who are in prison because they follow their conscience.

Stop the global rearmament!

Today, more than a trillion dollars a year is spent on armies and armaments worldwide. That is about ten times as much as the global budget for development cooperation. Switzerland participates on several levels in the rearmament mania: it exports war material and invests in war material producers, thus fueling conflicts all over the world.

The anti-weapons lobby

The GSoA submitted an initiative against war material exports in September 2007 and consistently opposes armament projects worth billions. In 2014, it was able to prevent the purchase of new fighter jets with a successful referendum. In Switzerland, even households are “armed”: around 2.3 million firearms are in circulation virtually uncontrolled. The GSoA actively participated in the popular initiative “for protection against gun violence”, which wanted to restrict gun ownership and banish the army weapon to the armory.

Against the militarization of internal security

Because the army has completely lost its legitimacy with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is increasingly looking for areas of activity at home. With compulsory military service, young Swiss men are forced to provide military protection for illegitimate events such as the World Economic Forum (WEF). The GSoA opposes the increasing militarization of domestic security and the transformation of the army into a federal security police force.